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How to store dried flowers?

Dried and stabilized flowers are very easy to care for. To properly preserve your dried flower arrangements, it is best to place them in a dry place out of direct sunlight. If properly cared for, they can last forever. And here are your bouquets of dried flowers are ready to amaze your interiors.

How to store fresh flowers?

The best way to keep these flowers is simply to place them in a cool place, change the water in the vase every day and cut the stems at an angle every other day.  About the compositions with floral foam it is enough to moisten the foams as soon as they dry out.

Do you deliver throughout Morocco?

Yes, we deliver dried flowers and artificial flowers to all cities in Morocco. Regarding fresh flowers contact us directly on Instagram or via emailcamiliaatelier@gmail.comfor more information.

What types of flowers do you sell?

There is something for all tastes and for all desires, which is why we compose with fresh, dried and artificial flowers. Nothing will match the beauty of fresh flowers, but it must be said that dried flowers and artificial flowers do their job well and require almost no maintenance.

Do you make flower arrangements for events?

Yes, we support you in the flowering of your various events (weddings, engagements, birthdays, etc.). We design and create floral compositions to carry out all your most beautiful flower projects... Do not hesitate to contact us directly on Instagram or via emailcamiliaatelier@gmail.comfor quote requests.

Do you have a floral subscription system?

Yes of course.  For subscriptions we offer tailor-made formulas. You choose the frequency of deliveries, the day and the duration. We start from 200dhs ht per delivery with container rental possible.

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